Anna is of Polish origin. Her heart calling led her to a nursing profession. As Canadian Registered Nurse with master degree she shared for years her compassion, kindness and care with others in the most challenging times of theirs lives.

Practicing hypnotherapy has been a continuation of this journey for her.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified in advanced techniques she provides
professional service with understanding, intuition and enthusiasm to envision others victorious.

She creates magic of trust, comfort, safety, and passion for her clients' successes.

Every client receives a unique, gentle, highly effective and confidential therapy totally centered on her/his needs and goals.

Anna provides unique guidance based on modern science that can help to release any causes of any unwanted behavioral patterns as well as emotional and physical conditions. As a result, life can be experienced differently…
with more joy and more healthy self-control.

Her training and experience as a Therapeutic Touch practitioner allows her to provide and share self care techniques with her clients for their use at home.