10 Ways to Daily Happiness and Fulfillment

10 Ways to Daily Happiness and Fulfillment

Focus on just the moment, it is the easiest recipe for happiness, inner peace and sense of fulfillment. How to be always here and now? Just become attentive. And allow yourself to fallow some of the presented ways here.

1. Take a pause and slow down

Even if it took 10 minutes. Sit straight and comfortable, breathe in your own natural rhythm. Focus on the breath. If you have a problem with it, count: 1 breath in, 2 air retention, 3 exhalation. You can take this kind of pause even on the bus.

2. Observe yourself

Observe how the air touches you gently. When drinking tea, think about how your hands feel the cup, which you keep. Look at the dish and the color of the drink.

3. Notice your resistance to what is

Allow the opposite. Open yourself to what fate brings. Trust your knowledge. Practice focusing on thoughts and opinions. Do not try to resist them, rather gently approach them with curiosity.

4. Shift your attention to people

In particular, for those you love - listen to them, be interested in what they feel, what they think. Remember during the meetings - only the person who is now in front of you counts. Give him as much as possible.

5. Think gratefully about what you have

Every day in the morning, as soon as you wake up, call everything that's positive in your life, developing, creative. Think about the work and people you will meet there today. About the sun or rain that you have outside the window.

6. Be gentle with yourself

Be gentle with yourself even when something does not come out Treat yourself gently and with kindness. Be understanding. When painful experiences or emotions happen, give yourself compassion.

7. Observe what you feel

Pause and observe what you feel when nice things happen. And what happens to you when bad things happen? Do you feel oppression in your heart, tingling in your hands? How is your joy manifested?

8. Take three deep breaths in a moment of tension or stress

If someone annoys you, step back, calm your emotions with your breath and then respond from your calmness.

9. Treat yourself with nature at least once a day

Go to the park, forest, meadow or garden and think about smells, sounds, the colors you find here. Look closely at the flowers, touch the bark of the trees, leaf. You are only you with nature.

10. Guide your thoughts to the here and now

Allow awareness as you begin to dive into painful memories or when the future fills you with fear. Slowly turn your attention to the moment that is just going on. Focus on the breath, some part of your body or the sounds that you have outside the window.

Practicing any of above ideas prevents missing on own life. It creates a life style promoting calmness, health and internal peace.