The Deeper Mind Mystery

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Do you remember yourself around a time of any exam:

when you read all your required content days before an exam, and you could re-call it easily at the time of the exam? On the contrary, last minute study data was difficult to remember at the exam or test.

Everything is about, which part of your mind was processing learned information at the time of your exam. Within the first 24 hrs, all clamped together, not yet organized data was sitting in the conscious, also called the thinking mind. From this part of the mind, extracting information is very difficult.
There, it waited to be sorted out, organized and prepared for a download to the deeper mind, called the subconscious. The subconscious mind operates like a powerful computer with super mega memory storage. After 24 hrs, the download happened and the subconscious, also called habitual mind, received it. Here all data was sorted, organized and matched with your belief programs and filled to your long term memory bank.

What happened when data was not compatible with your beliefs?

Well, it was rejected or filed somewhere on the low priority shelf. This explains the times, when you attentively listen to a lecture and some parts of it just mysteriously evaporate, like they were never there.

More fascinating facts to come. Stay tune.